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Close ties with Irpinia and its top-quality gastronomic products lie behind the success of ‘Re del Bosco’, a company based in Ponteromito, a village near Nusco in the province of Avellino which specialises in the sale of truffles (white and black), mushrooms and other local produce. The raw material, strictly of local origin, grows on three hectares of truffle orchard between Nusco and Castelfranci.

The rest is left to the imagination and skill of Ernestina Gambale who spoils us with an extensive showcase of products in which the unique flavour and aroma of mushrooms and truffles blend with other local specialities, such as caciocavallo podolico (a cheese made using only the milk of the Podolica cattle breed), fusilli irpini (the corkscrew-shaped pasta of Irpinia known in the US as “rotini”) and chestnuts. In a single word: Irpinia.

The end result of the passion of Michele Clio, a truffle “hunter” for over twenty years, the “Re del Bosco” company, after a start-up phase focused on the marketing of fresh truffles, since 2018 has been a highly popular point of sale, with top-quality products in demand well beyond provincial and regional boundaries.

Carpaccio and truffle paste, for example, like truffle caciocavallo or fusillo irpino with Montella Igp (protected geographical indication) chestnuts and truffle are in strong demand in numerous Rome restaurants. They are also very popular in northern Italy where truffles have always been a local gastronomic favourite.

No diluted salts or other preservatives are used to process ‘Made in Irpinia’ products. The end result is absolutely natural and wholesome and, thanks to methods and techniques that are always strictly organic, the storage period has been extended from just 6 months to the current 18 months. Yet a further reason to enjoy the fine products of Irpinia without haste.

  • Soil The secret of a quality product is the soil in which it grows and becomes excellence
  • Organic From production to processing and packaging: all according to nature’s way
  • Cuisine Truffle is an essential ingredient of many traditional tasty dishes of Irpinia
  • Food Pairing Imagination and creativity for not-to-be-missed pairings with other local specialities
  • Hunting The dog is man’s best ally for finding quality plants for unique products
  • Packaging Neither diluted salts nor other preservatives for a natural and wholesome end result

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