Truffle hunting

In search of excellence
with man’s best friend

Truffle hunting is a noble art that requires a perfect symbiosis between man’s experience in finding suitable plants and a dog’s infallible sense of smell. Once the right spot has been identified, the dog will start digging frantically to unearth the precious and fragrant tuber.

A perfect, scientific procedure that knows no exceptions: wind, frost, heat or rain cannot stop the “digger”. It is almost a propitiatory rite that Michele Clio, a digger himself for over 20 years, knows well. In order to reach the goal, you have to know the right places and the nature and history of the terrain. And then you need method, perseverance and endurance and, of course, a trustworthy ally.

Breeding truffle dogs is a passion within a passion that Michele has been pursuing for several years on the Castelfranci estate, a few kilometres from the headquarters of “Re del Bosco” in Ponteromito, a village near Nusco. Six dogs engaged in daily truffle hunts. A commitment they will soon share with other four-legged friends: the puppies are in fact growing well and, once trained, will be joining the team.


Un territorio da scoprire e assaggiare

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